Feng Shen Ji III

Synonyms 封神纪III, The Legend and the Hero III, Chronicles of the God's Order III

Released Jan 01, 2012


Action Supernatural Fantasy Seinen Historical Martial Arts

Artist Tang, Chi Fai

Author Zheng, Jian He

Artist Cheng, Kin Wo

Rating 8.44 /10 by 3,311 users myanimelist

Views 4,905

Status217 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line The sequel and the continuation of Feng Shen Ji II.


Wu, Geng Wu, Geng Tian Tian Zi, Yu Zi, Yu Shi Xing Shi Xing Zhen, Chan Zhen, Chan Bai Cai Bai Cai Linlin, Hanfeng Linlin, Hanfeng Yenshen, Siwang Yenshen, Siwang Xuan, Feng Xuan, Feng Li Jing Li Jing

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