Synonyms ZONE-00

Released Jan 01, 2000


Action Fantasy Josei

Author & Artist Kyuujou, Kiyo

Rating 7.68 /10 by 495 users myanimelist

Views 633

Status0 Chapters

Pub. statusOngoing

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Story Line Kujou Saburou is an ordinary high-schooler, hyperactive and strangely interested in mysterious (alien) things. He quickly becomes friends with a new transfer student, Shima Ango, who happens to find him in a game of hide-and-seek. But what he doesn't know is Shima's true goal: the extermination of mononoke terrorizing the Toyko area. Caught in the middle of their fight, Kujou loses his head, unsealing an Oni inside of him... (Source: Bliss)


Kurobara, Renji Kurobara, Renji Senryou Senryou Shima, Ango Shima, Ango Kujo, Saburo Kujo, Saburo Benten Benten Benio Benio Byakko Byakko Okino, Mayoko Okino, Mayoko Tae Tae Shirayuri, Hime Shirayuri, Hime

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