Change 123

Synonyms チエンジひふみ, Change Hifumi

Released Jun 19, 2005


Author Sakaguchi, Iku

Artist Iwasawa, Shiuri

Rating 7.7 /10 by 8,371 users myanimelist

Views 1,081

Status61 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line In Change 123, we meet Motoko, a girl with a very strange problem. In order to cope with her 3 adoptive fathers' incredibly intensive training methods, she developed multiple personalities, each with a different martial specialty. But what happens if none of them can beat her opponent on their own? And what further nugget of wisdom will be imparted by the great Kamen Raider? This one has lots of pretty girls, great art, and comedy. (Source: SnoopyCool)


Hibiki Hibiki Fujiko Fujiko Gettou, Motoko Gettou, Motoko Mikiri Mikiri Kosukegawa, Teruharu Kosukegawa, Teruharu Hino, Izuru Hino, Izuru Kosukegawa, Ginga Kosukegawa, Ginga Zero Zero Kosukegawa's mother Kosukegawa's mother Kannami Kannami

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