Na mo Naki Tori no Tobu Yoake

Synonyms 名も無き鳥の飛ぶ夜明け, Namonaki Tori no Tobu Yoake

Released Jan 01, 2002


Author Kisaragi, Hirotaka

Rating 7.7 /10 by 910 users myanimelist

Views 529

Status14 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Part of the angelic bureaucracy, Karasu is sent to earth to retrieve a demon living among humans. However, he's surprised to discover that Shirasagi only wants to throw away his heritage and his powers, and live as a human, and a holy human at that. A priest working out of a bar in the city, Shirasagi teaches children and is generally an all-around wonderful person. But Heaven and Hell both want him back and it's going to be quite a battle. (Source: BLU Manga)