Hyakuman-jou Labyrinth

Synonyms 百万畳ラビリンス, One Million Tatami Labyrinth

Released May 10, 2013


Author & Artist Takamichi

Rating 7.7 /10 by 407 users myanimelist

Views 389

Status13 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line What if real life could "glitch"? Reika and Youko, two students, wander in a huge building, a real never-ending labyrinth defying imagination. Their only clue: a mysterious message on a table, signed by Tagami, a famous video game creator, who seems to know more about this place. What is the real nature of this place? Why are Reika and Youko humanity's only hope? (Source: MU)


Reika Reika

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