Corset ni Tsubasa

Synonyms コルセットに翼, I Wish I Could Fly

Released Aug 06, 2007


Drama Historical Romance Shoujo

Author & Artist Moto, Naoko

Rating 7.71 /10 by 182 users myanimelist

Views 855

Status20 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Christine Langton is a tomboy whose relatives send her away to a boarding school after her father dies. The school is divided into three classes—an upper, lower, and special class. As fate would have it, Chris is sorted into the lower class and given a dusty old room in the attic. In fact, all of the students are oppressed by the cruel headmistress, Ms. Desdemona, and no one can stop it but the students themselves. (Source: Which Scanlations)


Desdemona Desdemona Langton, Christine Langton, Christine Cedric Cedric Liam Liam

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