Good Morning Kiss

Synonyms グッドモーニング・キス

Released May 09, 2006


Romance Shoujo

Author & Artist Takasuka, Yue

Rating 7.72 /10 by 575 users myanimelist

Views 794

Status13 Chapters

Pub. statusOngoing

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Story Line The series takes place a few years after GMC. Nao and Hisashi are in college and are living in across from each other in an apartment complex. When Nao's father pays a visit and learns of Hisashi he takes Nao back to her family. Hisashi realizes how much he hates being away from her and proposes.


Yoshikawa, Nao Yoshikawa, Nao Uehara, Hisashi Uehara, Hisashi Konno, Marina Konno, Marina Sata, Issei Sata, Issei Oota Oota Uehara, Yuri Uehara, Yuri Abe, Jun Abe, Jun Kusanagi, Nanako Kusanagi, Nanako

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