Ueki no Housoku

Synonyms うえきの法則

Released Jul 23, 2001


Action Shounen Comedy Super Power Magic

Author & Artist Fukuchi, Tsubasa

Rating 7.74 /10 by 2,834 users myanimelist

Views 895

Status26 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Ueki no Housoku tells the story of the Battle of the Supernatural Powers, a tournament to decide who will be the next King of the Celestial World. Each candidate (100 in total) is required to choose a junior high school student to act as their fighter. Each student is given a unique power—the power to change one thing into something else. The winning King of the Celestial World Candidate will become King of the Celestial World and the winning student will receive the Blank Talent, a talent that can be anything they choose.


Ueki, Kousuke Ueki, Kousuke Sano, Seiichirou Sano, Seiichirou Mori, Ai Mori, Ai Jerrard, Rinko Jerrard, Rinko Soya, Hideyoshi Soya, Hideyoshi Tenko Tenko Haydn, Robert Haydn, Robert Kobayashi Kobayashi Anon Anon Kilnorton Kilnorton

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