Blade of the Immortal: Legend of the Sword Demon

Synonyms 小説 無限の住人 刃獣異聞

Released Jul 18, 2008


Action Adventure Drama Seinen Samurai

Artist Samura, Hiroaki

Author Osako, Junichi

Rating 7.73 /10 by 142 users myanimelist

Views 129

Status0 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Rendered immortal by an infusion of mystical worms that can repair any wound, the masterless samurai Manji wanders the hillsides of feudal Japan, his quest to slay one thousand evil men to atone for his past sins. By his side is the young woman Rin, an orphan who seeks vengeance for the murders of her parents. Driven in a quest for absolution, the two have faced many deadly challenges, both natural and supernatural. But can they survive their greatest battle, against the all-powerful Inugami? Hiroaki Samura's groundbreaking tale of redemption and magic finds new life in this first prose novel, featuring six all new illustrations by Samura. (Source: Dark Horse)

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