Stigmata: Sekiren no Seija

Synonyms STIGMATA 〜赤煉の聖者〜, Stigmata: The Forging of a Saint, STIGMATA: Four Knights of the Apocalypse

Released Apr 28, 2006


Drama Supernatural Fantasy Historical Shounen

Author(s) Ko, Ya Seong

Artist(s) Ko, Ya Seong

Rating 7 /10 by 1,303 users myanimelist

Views 777

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line The end of the Holy War. The Pope, in an effort to suppress the remaining eye-witnesses who oppose his power, demands that a gag order be enforced regarding “the miracle” that brought the war to an end: the appearance of the five who bore the stigmata - the Holy Marks - the marks of God. 10 years later... The diabolic faction that opposed the Vatican’s power and brought about the Holy War has awakened again and has begun assassinating the once-admired heroes of the Holy War. The Vatican has refused to acknowledge the situation, treating each incident as nothing more than simple coincidence, but in the years that have passed since the Holy War ended, the Pope has been rumored to have created an occult organization called RADEM, whose orders are to fight demons though they seem to have another mission - a much more obscure mission... The Cardinal calls for an assembly of the region’s clergymen in the name of the Pope to discuss the situation, and to that end, an ambitious nun named Sister Rose is sent to the Teatela Province on a mission to locate Father Gabriel Iota - a priest suspected of possessing a very strong Holy Power... (Source: Cireus-Scanlations)


Iota, Gabriel Iota, Gabriel
Katan, Sauzel Katan, Sauzel
Rosa Rosa
Joel Joel
Baress, Paul Baress, Paul
Ester, Maria Ester, Maria
Burt, Girian Burt, Girian
Azazer Azazer
Amezarak Amezarak
Barachier Barachier
Hizel, Asath Hizel, Asath
Sade, Ruh Hilensis Sade, Ruh Hilensis

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