Tatakau Shisho Series

Synonyms 戦う司書シリーズ

Released Sep 22, 2005


Action Adventure Supernatural Fantasy Seinen Super Power

Artist Maeshima, Shigeki

Author Yamagata, Ishio

Rating 7.76 /10 by 44 users myanimelist

Views 458

Status0 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line In a world where dead people turn into books and are stored in the Bantorra Library where anyone who reads a book can learn their past, Bantorra Library is maintained by Armed Librarians who wield psychic powers and their enemy is a religious society known as Shindeki Kyoudan.


Meseta, Hamyuts Meseta, Hamyuts Balory, Mattalast Balory, Mattalast Maruchie, Noloty Maruchie, Noloty

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