Mahoujin Guruguru

Synonyms 魔法陣グルグル, Magical Circle Guruguru

Released Jul 11, 1992


Shounen Comedy

Author & Artist Etou, Hiroyuki

Rating 7.76 /10 by 169 users myanimelist

Views 91

Status0 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Mahoujin Guruguru is a light-hearted show aimed at older children, although it contains occasional toilet gags and some innuendo that might startle western parents. It is a parody of early role playing games, particularly turn based games such as the Final Fantasy series. The narrator speaks in place of the dialog in such games and this is one of the comedy elements of the show. Often RPG-style information boxes are displayed on screen along with accompanying narration in the traditional RPG style. The overall goal of the main characters, Nike and Kukuri, is to defeat Giri, the ruler of the darkness.


Kukuri Kukuri Eldol, Udberg Eldol, Udberg Nike Nike Shunamur, Jujuku Shunamur, Jujuku Gipple Gipple Reido Reido Kaya Kaya Wanchin Wanchin Runrun Runrun Toma Toma

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