Sengoku Strays

Synonyms 戦國ストレイズ

Released Dec 26, 2007


Action Fantasy Historical Shounen

Author & Artist Nanami, Shingo

Rating 7.77 /10 by 1,344 users myanimelist

Views 1,436

Status77 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Kasane is your average kendo-obsessed girl, when a brush with a mysterious sword sends her back in time to the Sengoku Era. Stuck in an unfamiliar time and place, Kasane also has the poor luck of winding up right in the middle of the turmoil that surrounded Oda Nobunaga's rise to power! (Source: Storm in Heaven)


Oda, Nobunaga Kazusanosuke Oda, Nobunaga Kazusanosuke Kusanagi, Kasane Kusanagi, Kasane Shibata, Katsuie Gonroku Shibata, Katsuie Gonroku Sassa, Narimasa Kuranosuke Sassa, Narimasa Kuranosuke Toyotomi, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, Hideyoshi Kuzunoha Kuzunoha Iname Iname Suzu Suzu Hidesada, Hayashi Donokami Hidesada, Hayashi Donokami Ikeda, Shouzaburou Tsuneoki Ikeda, Shouzaburou Tsuneoki

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