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Synonyms stigma

Released Jan 01, 1999


Action Drama Mystery Science fiction

Author(s) Minekura, Kazuya

Rating 7.77 / 836 vote(s)

Views 14,653


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Story Line A man wakes alone. He has no memory, his ony clues to the past are a suitcase full of money and a small wooden cross around his neck. Restless he travels the dystopian world under a gray sky, searching. One day he meets the boy Tito. The boy gives the man a new name: "Stork" and tells him of that he is searching for a bird. Together they travel further and unnoticed the dangerous shadow of Stork's past draws closer...

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Minekura, Kazuya

8.13 8,801

Vol.9 Chapter 55 : Falling, Rising

Saiyuki Reload

Minekura Kazuya

10 2,639

Vol.10 Chapter 50 : Even A Worm [37] - Final Chapter

Saiyuki Gaiden

Minekura Kazuya

0 2,071

Vol.4 Chapter 34.5 : [Oneshot] Tenjo No Ari

X: Kai

Toujou, Asami

6.94 831

no chapter!

Shounen Zanzou

Yuki, Kaori

7.59 13,575

Chapter 3