Hikari no Pansy

Synonyms 光のパンジー, Hikari no Panji

Released Jan 01, 1988


Drama Historical Romance Shoujo

Author & Artist Okumura, Mariko

Rating 7.79 /10 by 234 users myanimelist

Views 2,331

Status56 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Pansy is a feral girl, recently found in Africa, living in the wild being raised by chimpanzees. Mark Animal the young man, who found her, takes her back to his European-esque home country of Roland to study her. Pansy meets a slightly older boy than herself named Edo who loves her free spirit. Upon hearing the Traumerei played memories of her past start to awaken. Quickly though events start to roll changing Pansy’s life even further. The story of Pansy quickly turns into one of high adventure and political intrigue. [MAL]


Richard, Edoardo Richard, Edoardo Olivia Harvard, Poretto Olivia Harvard, Poretto