Youth Gone Wild

Synonyms 搖滾狂潮

Released Jan 01, 1997



Author & Artist Lee, Nicky

Rating 7.79 /10 by 830 users myanimelist

Views 825

Status95 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Yating was working in a recording company until she was fired by her boss (a famous movie actress with a spoiled temperament). Discouraged and jobless, Yating decided to work in a pub where a famous group called "Gangster" regularly played. Along the way, she gets to meet this guy who has the most divine voice. Yating's luck then began to change when her uncle decides to retire and set up his own record company. He asks her to join in his ambition to create the most famous rock group in Taiwan. This is the story of how Yating, being the new manager, tried to create the ultimate rock band! (Source: DGT)


Fei, ShangGuan Fei, ShangGuan Luo, Kai Luo, Kai Wang, Xiang Wang, Xiang Ji, ZhiGao Ji, ZhiGao Lan, YaTing Lan, YaTing Fang, Jie Fang, Jie

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