Chihayafuru: Chuugakusei-hen

Synonyms 小説 ちはやふる 中学生編, Chihayafuru: Middle School Arc

Released Sep 13, 2012


Drama Game Josei

Artist Suetsugu, Yuki

Author Tokiumi, Yui

Rating 7.8 /10 by 55 users myanimelist

Views 164

Status0 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Ayase Chihaya is a cheerful tomboy without any ambitious aspirations in life. At school one day, she meets a boy named Wataya Arata who is an outcast at school. Feeling pity despite peer pressure, Chihaya befriends Arata as he reveals to her his aptitude in karuta which institutes Chihaya's dream to become a karuta queen.

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