Teen Spirit

Synonyms 틴 스피릿

Released Jan 01, 2009


Drama Comedy Shoujo Music

Author & Artist Kim, Jea-Eun

Rating 7.81 /10 by 1,376 users myanimelist

Views 629

Status25 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Hwee Kang is in a band with all his friends and is recruited by a well known company called JBL because they all have the looks of stars. However, there are high expectations. During the audition, what surprise will they give everyone, and what will Hwee Kang do? (Source: Eclipse Scans)


Kim, Hwee Kang Kim, Hwee Kang Baek, Shin Woo Baek, Shin Woo Moon, Tae Jo Moon, Tae Jo Seo, Bumsuk Seo, Bumsuk Kang, Jioh Kang, Jioh Lee, Jae Bum Lee, Jae Bum

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