Shiroi Kumo

Synonyms しろいくも, White Clouds, Once Upon a Time, See You Next Time, Imp in the Night, Sakura Antique Store, Molehill, The Land of Dreams, Grape Harvest, Let's Go Home, The Story of a Flower, The Road Where Flowers Bloom, Egg Water, Hoppie's Bear, To a Certain Place

Released Nov 30, 2004


Drama Fantasy

Author & Artist Iwaoka, Hisae

Rating 7.82 /10 by 1,801 users myanimelist

Views 593

Status14 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line 1. "Mukashi-mukashi" ("Once Upon a Time") 2. Mata Kondo ne (See You Next Time) 3. Koakuma to Yoru (Imp in the Night) 4. Kottouya Sakuradou (Sakura Antique Store) 5. Shiroi Kumo (White Clouds) 6. Hizumi no Oka (Molehill) 7. Yume no Kuni (The Land of Dreams) 8. Budou Tsumami (Grape Harvest) 9. Ouchi ni Kaerou (Let's Go Home) 10. Hana no Hanashi (The Story of a Flower) 11. Hana no Saku Michi (The Road Where Flowers Bloom) 12. Tamago no Mizu (Egg Water) 13. Hoppie's Bear 14. "Aru Tokoro e" ("To a Certain Place")