Hachi - Yakusoku no Inu

Synonyms HACHI - 約束の犬 -

Released Jul 29, 2009


Drama Slice of Life

Author & Artist Kurosawa, Akiyo

Rating 7.84 /10 by 29 users myanimelist

Views 953

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line An American college professor named Parker picked up a stray puppy one day. He decided to keep it and named the puppy Hachi. A strong, loving bond grew between the two. Every day, Hachi would await his master's return at the train station. However, one day, Parker stopped returning from the train station as usual. Hachi, not able to accept his death, continued to wait in front of Bedridge Station every day… Another heart-warming, yet heart-wrenching tale of Hachi's love and loyalty from across the ocean.

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