GunSmith Cats


Released Dec 25, 1990


Action Adventure Drama Seinen Police Cars

Author & Artist Sonoda, Kenichi

Rating 7.84 /10 by 2,058 users myanimelist

Views 1,166

Status39 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Rally Vincent works by day in her Chicago gun store, GunSmith Cats. But at the drop of the hat, she hangs up the "Gone Fishing" sign, straps on her guns and takes to the road in her muscle car to fulfill her other role—as one of Chicago's toughest, most respected bounty hunters. Her expert sharpshooting and driving skills are augmented by her partner Minnie-May's abilities with explosives of all kinds. And she'll need every bit of her skills, and those of her friends, because only she can bring in the highest bounties and the most determined, powerful criminals from Chicago's mob, characters who hold a grudge for life and have the wits and the firepower to outwit whatever the law throws at them. Featuring some of the most authentically detailed firearms and automobiles ever drawn, author and artist Kenichi Sonoda has created a complex and supremely exciting story in the vein of Hollywood action films, but with all the detail and dynamism of manga in this classic series.


Vincent, Irene Vincent, Irene Hopkins, May Hopkins, May Bandit, Bean Bandit, Bean Musou, Goldie Musou, Goldie Farrah, Becky Farrah, Becky Brown, Misty Brown, Misty Grey Grey Riff-Raff Riff-Raff Coleman, Roy Coleman, Roy Clyde Clyde

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