Shuuen no Shiori

Synonyms 終焉ノ栞, Bookmark of Demise

Released Feb 25, 2013


Horror Supernatural Mystery School

Author Suzumu

Artist Saine

Artist Komine

Rating 7.85 /10 by 202 users myanimelist

Views 418

Status0 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Due to a single traitor, the game has begun. Those that wish to escape must abide by the terms and reach the end. Now, let this fun Demise Game begin― One-Man Hide and Seek, Doppelgangers, Mearry-san's Messages, Monkey's Hand... A group of four boys and girls become involved with a certain game though the "Bookmark of Demise," a taboo that is said to have been brought back from ten years prior. Carry out the "demand" written in the mysterious letter, and perform the urban legends. Otherwise, you will die. (Source: MU)


A-ya A-ya C-ta C-ta D-ne D-ne B-ko B-ko E-ki E-ki D-suke D-suke B-ka B-ka A-no A-no C-na C-na E-nori E-nori

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