World Trigger

Synonyms ワールドトリガー

Released Feb 08, 2013


Action Supernatural Shounen School Sci-Fi Space

Author & Artist Ashihara, Daisuke

Rating 7.85 /10 by 8,010 users myanimelist

Views 10,183

Status198 Chapters

Pub. statusOngoing

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Story Line Earth is under constant threat from Neighbors, invincible monsters from another dimension that destroy our way of life. At least we have the elite warriors of Border, who co-opt alien technology to fight back! Our hero Osamu Mikumo may not be the best agent, but he'll do whatever it takes to defend life on Earth as we know it. When Osamu meets a feisty humanoid Neighbor named Yuma, everything that he thinks is right is turned on its head. Can the two natural enemies ever become friends? (Source: VIZ Media)


Jin, Yuuichi Jin, Yuuichi Kuga, Yuuma Kuga, Yuuma Mikumo, Osamu Mikumo, Osamu Amatori, Chika Amatori, Chika Konami, Kirie Konami, Kirie Miwa, Shuuji Miwa, Shuuji Kazama, Souya Kazama, Souya Rindou, Youtarou Rindou, Youtarou Izumi, Kouhei Izumi, Kouhei Tachikawa, Kei Tachikawa, Kei

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