Brave Story

Synonyms ブレイブ・ストーリー

Released Jun 01, 2006


Adventure Fantasy

Author(s) Miyabe, Miyuki

Artist(s) Tsuruta, Kenji

Rating 7.85 /10 by 164 users myanimelist

Views 272

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Young Wataru Mitani's life is a mess. His father has abandoned him, and his mother has been hospitalized after a suicide attempt. Desperately he searches for some way to change his life--a way to alter his fate. To achieve his goal, he must navigate the magical world of Vision, a land filled with creatures both fierce and friendly. And to complicate matters, he must outwit a merciless rival from the real world. Wataru's ultimate destination is the Tower of Destiny where a goddess of fate awaits. Only when he has finished his journey and collected five elusive gemstones will he possess the Demon's Bane--the key that will unlock the future. Charity, bravery, faith, grace and the power of darkness and light: these are the provinces of each gemstone. Brought together, they have the immeasurable power to bring Wataru's family back together again. -Viz

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