Shitayomi Danshi to Toukou Joshi

Synonyms 下読み男子と投稿女子

Released Jun 29, 2015



Author Nomura, Mizuki

Artist Eihi

Rating 7.86 /10 by 177 users myanimelist

Views 268

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line "Please teach me how to write a light novel" Ordinary high schooler Ao is actually an expert at reading drafts for light novel newcomer awards. One day Ao found his classmate Hinomiya Hiyuki's work in the pile of manuscript subscriptions. This aloof girl known as 'Ice Lady' had submitted a light novel filled with altered fonts and kaomoji!? After the unexpected surprise, he wrote some advice on her submission. For the Hiyuki who was hurt by what was written on her assessment sheet, Ao warmly guides her improvement in developing the setting, characters, plot and mood...


Hinomiya, Hiyuki Hinomiya, Hiyuki
Kazetani, Ao Kazetani, Ao
Saku, Tarou Saku, Tarou

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