Mob Psycho 100

Synonyms モブサイコ100

Released Apr 18, 2012


Action Supernatural Comedy

Author & Artist ONE

Rating 8.57 /10 by 13,999 users myanimelist

Views 7,649

Status225 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Kageyama Shigeo (a.k.a. "Mob") is an 8th grader with psychic abilities. He could bend spoons and lift objects with his mind from a young age, but he slowly began to withhold from using his abilities in public due to the negative attention he kept receiving. Now, the only thing he wants is to become friends with a girl in his class, Tsubomi. With his psychic "mentor" (who has no psychic powers), he continues his daily life, attempting to realize his purpose in life. (Source: MangaHelpers)


Reigen, Arataka Reigen, Arataka Kageyama, Shigeo Kageyama, Shigeo Ekubo Ekubo Hanazawa, Teruki Hanazawa, Teruki Kageyama, Ritsu Kageyama, Ritsu Gouda, Musashi Gouda, Musashi Kurata, Tome Kurata, Tome Serizawa, Katsuya Serizawa, Katsuya Suzuki, Shou Suzuki, Shou Onigawara, Tenga Onigawara, Tenga

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