Sakamoto desu ga?

Synonyms 坂本ですが?, I'm Sakamoto, you know., Katahaba Hiroshi, Broad Shoulders Hiroshi

Released Aug 11, 2011


Seinen Comedy School

Author & Artist Sano, Nami

Rating 7.87 /10 by 9,556 users myanimelist

Views 7,309

Status24 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line High school student Sakamoto is the definition of perfection. Good looks, intelligence, athleticism, kindness—he has it all! Everywhere he goes, all the ladies love him and all the boys are mad with jealousy. No amount of tricks or traps can ensnare Sakamoto as he evades and outmaneuvers his critics with ease; not even a male model can stand against his cool and collected demeanor as he glides through life with grace and elegance. Whatever situation he's in, Sakamoto will overcome anything in absolute perfection. [Written by MAL Rewrite] Included one-shot: Volume 1: Katahaba Hiroshi (Broad Shoulders Hiroshi)


Sakamoto Sakamoto 8823-senpai 8823-senpai Maeda, Atsushi Maeda, Atsushi Kubota, Yoshinobu Kubota, Yoshinobu Sera, Yuuya Sera, Yuuya Kubota, Shigemi Kubota, Shigemi Fujita, Megumi Fujita, Megumi Yagi Yagi Fukase Fukase Kuronuma, Aina Kuronuma, Aina

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