Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi

Synonyms 神さまのいない日曜日, The Sunday without God, KamiNai

Released Jan 20, 2010


Fantasy Mystery

Author Irie, Kimihito

Artist Shino

Rating 7.87 /10 by 144 users myanimelist

Views 386

Status0 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Fifteen years ago, God has abandoned the world. Humans are no longer born, the dead no longer dies. In this desolate world, the only ones who can give peace to the dead are the "gravekeepers." On this day, the gravekeeper Ai meets her destiny. Hampine, a man with red eyes, astonishing beauty and silver hair and calling himself the "man-eating toy" appears in front of her. Ai embarks on a journey with him after he kills everyone in the village, believing him to be her father.


Ai Ai Hambart, Hampnie Hambart, Hampnie Color, Alice Color, Alice Stratmitos, Dee Ensy Stratmitos, Dee Ensy Hecmatika, Ulla Eulesse Hecmatika, Ulla Eulesse Scar Scar Zubreska, Kiriko Zubreska, Kiriko Dmitriyevich, Julie Sakuma Dmitriyevich, Julie Sakuma Gedenburg, Memepo Gedenburg, Memepo Varus, Szaddo Varus, Szaddo

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