Orange Yane no Chiisana Ie

Synonyms オレンジ屋根の小さな家, Little House with an Orange Roof, Small House with an Orange Roof, My Little Home, Orange Yane no Chiisana Uchi

Released Mar 15, 2005


Drama Seinen Comedy Slice of Life Romance

Author & Artist Yamahana, Noriyuki

Rating 7.87 /10 by 3,425 users myanimelist

Views 460

Status64 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line A man comes home one day to have his wife give him divorce papers. A woman comes home to her apartment one day to find a woman she doesn't know wrapped in a towel coming out of the shower. They both get conned by the same real estate conman on the same house, a 4LDK. So now the man, his two sons, the woman, and her two daughters live in the same house. (Source: MU)


Okajima, Natsumi Okajima, Natsumi Ninomiya, Shoutarou Ninomiya, Shoutarou Okajima, Luna Okajima, Luna Okajima, Rina Okajima, Rina Ninomiya, Ryouta Ninomiya, Ryouta Ninomiya, Youta Ninomiya, Youta

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