Synonyms ニッケルオデオン, Heart Food, Kopi Kopi Luwak, Funny Game, Afterlife Jaunte, The Kaguya Paradigm, Facehugger, High Heels and Sneakers, Vigilante, Animal Magnetism Theory, Warren Wilson Dies Again, Poohta's Forest, Paracelsus' Beloved Desciples

Released Sep 25, 2010


Drama Horror Supernatural Seinen Mystery Comedy School Romance

Author & Artist Dowman, Sayman

Rating 7.88 /10 by 3,188 users myanimelist

Views 4,153

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line This is a collection of one-shots from Dowman Sayman. It contains short stories about serial killers finding love, historical figures brought back from the dead, a clever take on the the September 11th attack, yaoi fan-girl ghosts making suggestions to the men she watches, and everything in between.

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