Seishun Kouryakuhon

Synonyms 青春攻略本, Seishun Kouryaku Hon, Fuyu Hodoki

Released Jan 24, 2009


Slice of Life Shoujo

Author & Artist Akizuki, Sorata

Rating 7.88 /10 by 2,356 users myanimelist

Views 797

Status8 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line What's a guy to do when he attends an all boys' school that's next to an all girls' school? Especially when the girl he likes attends that same all girls' school? Form a strategy, make friends in high places, and concentrate on running. (Source: Aerandria Scans) Included one-shot: Fuyuhodoki


Kurata, Yui Kurata, Yui Isezaki, Rensuke Isezaki, Rensuke Nogami, Souta Nogami, Souta Uemura, Naotaka Uemura, Naotaka Nagise, Nagi Nagise, Nagi Kurata, Fubuki Kurata, Fubuki Haru Haru

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