Synonyms ケイ, Ka

Released May 01, 1988


Adventure Drama Seinen

Author & Artist Taniguchi, Jiro

Rating 7.02 /10 by 71 users myanimelist

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Status0 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line K is a work frankly atypical when compared to most comics or sleeves that are published in our country, and is an adaptation of a famous Japanese novel written by Yumemakura Baku. K (Ka) is the name of a mysterious climber who do not know their origin or their real name, although suspected to be Japanese. Occasionally performs functions sherpa carrier or for expeditions want to climb the Himalayan mountains. His extraordinary skill as a climber have made him a sort of legend among the locals and their services are often required to perform rescues in the most extreme situations. But K does not work for money, he sees in the mountains not only a personal challenge but a way of being part of nature itself, thus using the lessons of the tribes of the area and the observation of animal behavior to solve the difficulties it presents the mountain. So we will see, over five chapters, how K must face increasingly tough challenges and the struggle for survival and personal growth that involves climbing mountains over 8000 meters.

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