Synonyms pink

Released Jan 01, 1989



Author & Artist Okazaki, Kyoko

Rating 7.89 /10 by 441 users myanimelist

Views 1,328

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Pink is a manga about a Japanese girl named Yumi, a beautiful girl in her early 20s. During the day, Yumi works as a regular office lady, but by night, she works as a prostitute. Yumi needs her two jobs to make ends meet. She also needs the extra income to feed her unusual pet, a crocodile, which she keeps in her apartment. Working in an office is quite normal for young Japanese women, but keeping a pet crocodile, and being a prostitute makes Yumi stand out. In truth, few girls are like Yumi, however, many readers can empathize with her. Young women love their "something," symbolized by her pet crocodile, and they can also identify with Yumi's "wild at heart" nature. (Source: MU)

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