Ring ni Kakero 2

Synonyms リングにかけろ2

Released Feb 09, 2000


Seinen Sports

Author & Artist Kurumada, Masami

Rating 7.93 /10 by 40 users myanimelist

Views 192

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line At the end of Ring ni Kakero 1, Ryuuji Takane went up against Superstar Jun Kenzaki for the World Title. Now, 17 years later, Rindo Kenzaki, the son Jun Kenzaki and nephew of Ryuuji Takane, lives with Ishimatsu Katori, the "Kenka Champion" from Ryuuji and Jun's time. Rindo will meet up with a new generation of boxers to create a new Golden Japan Jr. to take on the world. Source: ANN

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