Kid I Ruck!

Synonyms キッドアイラック!, Kid I Luck!

Released Jun 01, 2012


Drama Seinen Comedy

Author & Artist Osada, Yu-Ko

Rating 7.9 /10 by 232 users myanimelist

Views 282

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Kinjiro Yaoi is the terror of his high school. Inveterate and incorrigible hothead brawler, he is the type to let his fists speak generously at every opportunity. At the opposite extreme, his childhood friend, Kuriko is sweetness incarnate. But shortly before his 18th birthday, a tragedy touches the girl, who was attacked on the return of high school. Traumatized, she no longer has the strength to go back to school and lives confined to her home, cut off from the outside world. Kinjiro, meanwhile, is consumed with guilt. He who was not present to defend his friend relentlessly tries to find a way to get out of his depression. His decision was made: to the image of the comic professionals who made the happiness of Kuriko before the attack, he will also become a champion of laughter and devote his life to bring a smile to her friend!

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