Akuma de Sourou

Synonyms 悪魔で候, The Devil Beside Me, Lovely Devil, Flying Rabbit, July

Released Jan 01, 1998


Drama Comedy School Romance Shoujo

Author & Artist Takanashi, Mitsuba

Rating 7.95 /10 by 6,052 users myanimelist

Views 1,675

Status50 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line High school is hard for Kayano. When she tries to confess her love to the kind but distant Yuichi, the school bully Takeru makes her life hell. But things get worse when Kayano's mother gets engaged to Takeru's father, the school principal! Soon enough, instead of be in love with Yuichi, she falls in her love with her future brother, Takeru. What will she do about this forbidden love? Included one-shot: Volume 11: Flying Rabbit


Edogawa, Takeru Edogawa, Takeru Saitou, Kayano Saitou, Kayano Harukawa, Kyoko Harukawa, Kyoko Kamijou, Yuuichi Kamijou, Yuuichi

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