Only Sense Online

Synonyms Only Sense Online ―オンリーセンス・オンライン―

Released Apr 19, 2014


Action Fantasy Sci-Fi Game

Artist Yukisan

Author Aloha, Zachou

Rating 7.96 /10 by 488 users myanimelist

Views 611

Status0 Chapters

Pub. statusOngoing

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Story Line Utilizing a system called "Sense," each player aims to create their unique character in the VRMMORPG "Only Sense Online." Joining this realm is Yun, an absolute beginner in the world of gaming, equipped with some of the worst customized "Sense" ever. While his two sisters, both veterans in this world, criticize his choices of equipment, he continues to delve into the skill sets he has acquired. Along his way, he meets the art of "production" and people that have mastered this art. Watch as a total novice creates a revolution in the gaming world and create the "ultimate" support class. (Source: MangaHelpers)


Shun Shun Magi Magi Shizuka Shizuka Miu Miu Takumi Takumi Kyouko Kyouko Lyly Lyly Cloude Cloude Yoshino, Kazuhito Yoshino, Kazuhito Martha Martha

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