Pandora Hearts

Synonyms PandoraHearts

Released May 18, 2006


Adventure Supernatural Fantasy Mystery Shounen

Author & Artist Mochizuki, Jun

Rating 8.65 /10 by 39,919 users myanimelist

Views 11,703

Status108 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line Reminiscent of a broken toy box, the mystical Abyss is a terrifying realm home to monstrous creatures called "Chains." Most believe it to be only a fairy tale, used to scare children who misbehave. Oz Vessalius, the cheerful and mischievous heir of the noble Vessalius family, is one such individual—until, at his coming-of-age ceremony, the mysterious Baskerville Clan inexplicably arrives and condemns him to the Abyss for a sin he didn't commit, nor knows nothing about. Oz then forms a contract with Alice, a unique Chain who can take on human form, in an attempt to escape from the Abyss. Pandora Hearts follows the young boy's struggle to unravel the mysteries behind his sin, the Abyss, and a tragedy from one hundred years ago. Soon, Oz and his companions will find themselves confronted by the Baskervilles and ghosts from the past, as he makes his way back home in a journey plagued by relentless despair. [Written by MAL Rewrite] Included one-shot: Volume 8: Pandora Hearts (pilot)


Nightray, Gilbert Nightray, Gilbert Alice Alice Break, Xerxes Break, Xerxes Vessalius, Oz Vessalius, Oz Rainsworth, Sharon Rainsworth, Sharon Nightray, Elliot Nightray, Elliot Nightray, Vincent Nightray, Vincent Vessalius, Jack Vessalius, Jack Will of the Abyss Will of the Abyss Cheshire Cat Cheshire Cat

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