Juuni Kokuki

Synonyms 十二国記

Released Jun 20, 1992



Author Ono, Fuyumi

Artist Yamada, Akihiro

Rating 8.66 /10 by 889 users myanimelist

Views 2,473

Status0 Chapters

Pub. statusOngoing

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Story Line Beyond this world lies the realm of the Twelve Kingdoms. There, the laws of nature are governed by the Way—a moral code established by the Mandate of Heaven—that causes kingdoms to be ravaged by war and famine when an unsuitable ruler is upon the throne. Babies are born from eggs on trees, and mythical creatures roam the land. When a temporary breach is created between that world and Japan, Youko Nakajima is dragged from her mundane daily life as a high school student and finds herself in a situation far less appealing than that of a fairytale. Once a model student who always conformed to societal pressures, she is now abandoned and pursued by men and beasts alike in the wilds of a land unbound by any earthly sense of order. Struggling to come to terms with these strange new laws as well as the lack of kindness in the people around her, Youko must learn to make her own choices if she is to survive with any sense of integrity. Fantastical and heavily detailed, Juuni Kokuki tells the stories of Youko and other individuals forced to find themselves as they are thrust into an unforgiving and coldly beautiful world. [Written by MAL Rewrite]


Enki Enki Nakajima, Youko Nakajima, Youko Keiki Keiki Taiki Taiki Rakushun Rakushun Shoukei Shoukei Shushou Shushou Shouryuu Shouryuu Haku, Sanshi Haku, Sanshi Aozaru Aozaru

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