Synonyms JIN-仁-

Released Apr 12, 2000


Drama Supernatural Seinen Historical

Author & Artist Murakami, Motoka

Rating 7.98 /10 by 812 users myanimelist

Views 605

Status164 Chapters

Pub. statusCompleted

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Story Line As a result of a strange encounter with a mysterious carcinogenic fetus he found inside a patient's skull, brain surgeon Minakata Jin has slipped back through time. Equipped with modern medical knowledge, he faces various fatal diseases and injuries. Then, he meets the ordinary people of Edo as well as illustrious figures, and his surgical knife carves out a new history and story of life. (Source: Easy Going Scanlations)


Minakata, Jin Minakata, Jin Tachibana, Saki Tachibana, Saki Nokaze Nokaze Sakamoto, Ryouma Sakamoto, Ryouma Katsu, Rintarou Katsu, Rintarou Tachibana, Kyoutarou Tachibana, Kyoutarou

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