W-Juliet II

Synonyms WジュリエットII, W Juliet 2, W Juliet II, W-Juliet 2

Released Jan 01, 2006


Adventure Comedy Romance Shoujo Gender Bender

Author & Artist Emura

Rating 7.96 /10 by 746 users myanimelist

Views 830

Status12 Chapters

Pub. statusOngoing

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Story Line Ito and Makoto have finally gotten married - but W Juliet is FAR from done! Ito must learn to accept Makoto's dream to become an actor as well as cope with all the disasters and stress her friends and family have! Continuing from the hit and well loved manga W Juliet, W Juliet II is a whole new story with old and beloved characters!


Narita, Makoto Narita, Makoto Miura, Ito Miura, Ito Miura, Ryuya Miura, Ryuya Miura, Yuto Miura, Yuto Narita, Masumi Narita, Masumi Miura, Mitsuko Miura, Mitsuko Sugiyama, Sakura Sugiyama, Sakura Ichikawa, Misaki Ichikawa, Misaki Narita, Risa Narita, Risa Narita, Tsubaki Narita, Tsubaki

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