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  • 검은 거울
    Black Mirror 2020-10-25

    The way these cliffhangers be having me screaming!! Brrruuuuuh, my eyes opened so wide when all those condoms dropped but then the damn chapter ended lmao

  • 꿈 같은 거짓말(개정판)
    Dream-like lie (Uncensored) 2020-10-21

    I actually screamed when I reached that cliffhanger cuz really...wtf?? ????

  • 팀장님이 괭장해!
    My Purrfect Boss! 2020-10-20

    I absolutely love how the boss' tail wraps around Sunwoo's leg ????

  • わがまま王子は猫を狩る
    Wagamama Ouji wa Neko wo Karu 2020-10-19

    I just love the animal instincts they portray as humans. like when Rio grabs his neck n hold him down in place :3

  • Taste of His Skin, 秋以为期
    When We Fall 2020-10-17

    Can someone tell me where I can read the uncensored version? I realize this is censored and the scanlation simply removes the pages instead of blocking out???? I feel so cheated

  • 체스와 라윈
    Chess And Rawin 2020-10-08

    Actually it's because that's the "popular/expected" choice the story would lack uniqueness so the fact that they made the top the top when people like you would expect him to be the bottom is what draws the readers in.

  • Lover Shuttle ;  Aein Syeoteul ;  애인셔틀 ;  Движение любви
    Love Shuttle 2020-10-07

    I feel like this always goes on Hiatus T.T Whyyyyyyyy D: