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  • Elites
    Elites 2021-04-10

    46 manga

    The best of the best in this site / Must-reads. Please support the authors if able!

  • Finished Series

    123 manga

    Here are some of the completed series on this site. Please support the original authors if able! P.S. Also includes discontinued series

  • Titles on Webtoon

    24 manga

    Don't read these titles here. These are available on Webtoon. Majority of them are free-to-read with weekly updates. You can buy coins if you opt to not wait but you can basically read all these - legally - for free whilst indirectly supporting the author.

  • Titles on Tapas

    27 manga

    Don't read these titles here. Tapas gives out free inks almost weekly with monthly expirations, except for special ink giveaways with a max of 3-day expiration. It is completely possible to save up inks to read titles (only 300 each inks each episode if 1-tap is used). They also frequently put up sales for many titles or offer sales for the ink themselves. You can also acquire ink via other means available on the ink shop (the 'earn' section).

  • Titles on the Official Shonen Jump App