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  • Teacher, Pay Attention to The Reputation,JiaoZhu, Zhu Yi Ming Sheng!,教主,注意名声!,教主,注意名声!
    My Lord, Pay Attention to Your Reputation! 2020-09-18

    why every chapter is too short

  • I Adopted A Villainous Dad 2020-08-23

    more chapter, please

  • Qin Ai De Xi Xue Gui Dian Xia,亲爱的吸血鬼殿下
    My Dear Vampire Lord 2020-08-22

    update more please the story is interesting and the characters are great so please do more chapter

  • 여주에게 버려진 악당을 구하는 방법
    Saving the Villain Who was Abandoned by the Female Lead 2020-08-22

    I hope it has more chapter please continue the story

  • 아기 황후님
    Baby Empress 2020-08-17

    the storyline is cool and nice. And after I read the chapter 0:oneshot I like it already so please continue this story

  • 아기 황후님
    Baby Empress 2020-08-16

    i need more chapters please.....

  • 救命!这个猫统治的世界
    A World Ruled by Cats 2020-02-29

    please upload more chapter

  • Lucia (Taruvi); 루시아
    Lucia 2020-02-27

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i can't wait to more chapter it's so cute

  • One day I became a princess, Suddenly Became a Princess One Day, 某天成为公主, 어느 날 공주가 되어버렸다
    Who Made me a Princess 2020-02-18

    please update 5 chapter atleast

  • 너의 아이가 아니야
    The Baby Isn’T Yours 2020-02-18

    update more pleasssssssse