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  • Crablante's Favorites (Mostly BL)!

    615 manga

    This is where I collect the stories I love the most and don't want to forget! A lot of BL, some yuri, het romance and other genres as well. Highly curated; guaranteed good sh*t :3 I hope you find something you like here!! <<<cover photo: Bakeneko Katatte Sourou>>>

  • ~Yaaaaoiii On My Mind~

    337 manga

    This is where I collect longer format yaoi stories! Some complete and some ongoing. <<<cover photo: Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai>>>

  • Yaoi in 5 (or so) Chapters

    2903 manga

    * *UPDATED WEEKLY* * Completed yaoi stories that wrap up in (approximately) one volume/between 2-20ish chapters each! Over 2,600 stories collected here!!!!!! <<<cover photo: Hoshi wo Kazoeru Koto>>> ~ ~ While you're here, please bookmark & leave a <3!! ~ ~

  • Yaoi Anthologies and One-Shots

    386 manga

    Collection of yaoi short story anthologies and completed one-shots. <<<Cover photo: Getsuei>>>

  • Workplace Yaoi
    Workplace Yaoi 2020-08-07

    312 manga

    Lusty coworkers, domineering bosses, prudish assistants & more!!!! <333 "Workplace" is broadly defined for this category and includes any situation where the seme and uke work together. <<<cover photo: Nikushoku no Buka (by the QUEEN of office-worker yaoi, Higashi Nishida!)>>>

  • Whimsical Yaoi
    Whimsical Yaoi 2020-08-07

    293 manga

    A little slice of life, a little fantasy- a LOT of smut! <<<cover photo: Dear Door>>>

  • Yakuza, Yankees, & Other Yaoi Bad Boys

    349 manga

    Who doesn't love a rebel? <<<cover photo: Cover Up>>>

  • After School BL Sports Club!!

    101 manga

    Sports yaoi, get your sports yaoi here!!! Each story *guaranteed* to feature at least one hot jock! <<<cover photo: Lucky Paradise>>>