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  • 나 냄새나?
    Do I Smell? Webtoon 2020-09-24

    Finally Update again!!. Yeahhh...Hmm..What Happen with Confess right Now? Waiying Answer so Long...wkwkk

  • 드림사인
    Dream Sign 2020-09-22

    So cool

  • Does the Carpet Match the Drapes? 2020-09-16

    Cover your junk ...because Only Gabriel Can see itu.. 。.:☆*:・'(*⌒―⌒*)))

  • Does the Carpet Match the Drapes? 2020-09-14


  • A straight man in a gay bar 2020-09-14

    Having sex ..and become Gay

  • The Mating Season 2020-09-09

    Hmm..!so is this story Alpha and Omega Or what?Can Anybody Told me!

  • Kiss you, Fuck you 2020-09-09

    interesting story opening (⌒▽⌒)☆

  • Pian Pian
    Pian Pian 2020-09-08

    Whatttt.....Where nya pian piano(〒﹏〒)o

  • たんたんとタント;
    Tantan to Tanto 2020-09-03

    Hmmm where?

  • 뷰파인더
    viewfinder (Ez) 2020-08-31


  • 뷰파인더
    viewfinder (Ez) 2020-08-31

    I want story' about Garmin againo(〒﹏〒)o

  • Our Omega Leadernim! 2020-08-31

    Wow...sangat jarang ada yang komen memakai bahasa Indonesia

  • 그 알파를 꼬시는 법
    How to Chase an Alpha 2020-08-31

    So hard Reading In chapter 12

  • Menteurs! Les vampires n'existent pas! , Roomshare shitara, Zen'in Kyuuketsuki datta, When I Shared My Room, Everyone Was a Vampire, 거짓말, 뱀파이어가 어디 있어?, ルームシェアしたら、全員吸血鬼たった; ¡Mentirosos! Los vampiros no existen
    No Way, Vampires Don't Exist 2020-08-30

    Cheat 凸( ` ロ ´ )凸

  • 나 냄새나?
    Do I Smell? Webtoon 2020-08-29

    Finally Update... I'm So Carzy Waiting This So Long for 3 Week I think.. But thank you for updating..(//ω//)

  • Shame Application; Dirty Vibration
    Shame♡Application 2020-08-21

    Innthe End..our Different story'.. I think Next Story' must be guy white Hair( Forget name) Sorry)

  • 꾸준히 정다운
    Steady Affection 2020-08-20

    Waiting updating...

  • ANTI P.T. 2020-08-19

    So gentle hwi

  • Path to You 2020-08-14

    So cute and sweet (⌒▽⌒)☆

  • King of Masturbation! 2020-08-13

    I think I Van Bookmarked

  • Monster #8 2020-08-13

    Want more.... This story' so interesting

  • Henkutsu na Yankee-kun o Hottokenai 2020-08-13

    Running or Fucking id that?

  • 키세스x키스x키세스
    Kisses x Kiss x Kisses 2020-08-12

    Bhahaha..so funny...give me kiss heheh

  • My X report 2020-08-11

    I Going to crazy in ch 32..because waiting for update

  • ANTI P.T. 2020-08-10

    Hmm?I'm not like that man(#`Д´)

  • 스머프 월드
    Smurf's World 2020-08-07

    Sorry I can't Understand in Ch.45... I Really Stupid...(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)

  • 스머프 월드
    Smurf's World 2020-08-06

    So agresive

  • Paid (Fujoking) 2020-08-05

    Soooo...Sadnessssss...why endo(〒﹏〒)o ・゚・(。>ω<。)・゚・

  • 스머프 월드
    Smurf's World 2020-08-04

    I Agree..pleaseee

  • What Happens When a Handsome Gangster Starts Keeping a Straight Man on a Short Leash 2020-08-01

    Wuhu...New Comic heh..in bookmark

  • 비누 줍지 마세요 ; Don’t Pick up the Soap
    Don't Pick up the Soap 2020-08-01

    I'm support you Guys ben & Dick

  • You're Wasting A Great Thing; 君はコカンの持ち腐れ;
    Kimi wa Kokan no Mochigusare 2020-07-31

    Same men...I hate this "you can Have sex with other people". I think kaname Feel Brokenhearto(〒﹏〒)o

  • a man of virtue
    A MAN OF VIRTUE 2020-07-30

    Hmmm...can they do it or Not?

  • ANTI P.T. 2020-07-29

    I hope guy with Red hair heheh

  • My X report 2020-07-29

    Whaaatttttt...Hmmm?I wonder what happen in the next ch hehheeh

  • 겨울 지나 벚꽃
    Cherry Blossoms After Winter 2020-07-29

    Taesung feel... ヽ( `д´*)ノ

  • a man of virtue
    A MAN OF VIRTUE 2020-07-29


  • 우리 상류연애 할까요
    Dating my way up 2020-07-27

    I think in ch 7..little Weird..because in Side story have My Suha..If AM not Wrong

  • 오늘도 해맑음; It's a sunny day again
    Put a Smile On 2020-07-27


  • You're Wasting A Great Thing; 君はコカンの持ち腐れ;
    Kimi wa Kokan no Mochigusare 2020-07-26

    Hahha...so Fun lot of comedy

  • Monster #8 2020-07-26

    Hahhaa... I think Just Cool

  • 8Kaijuu,  Kaiju No. 8,  怪獣8号
    Kaiju No. 8 2020-07-25

    Ughhh...so Cooll

  • Monster #8 2020-07-25

    So coolllll... I like this..thank You Owl-san (⌒▽⌒)☆

  • Area of Z 2020-07-24

    Can update agian mangaowl-san?

  • Hide & Seek 2020-07-23

    No comment (⌒‿⌒)

  • 送快递这件破事儿 (Chinese)
    Delivery Boy Debacle 2020-07-23

    Can update again?

  • 送快递这件破事儿 (Chinese)
    Delivery Boy Debacle 2020-07-23

    Can update again?

    Darkness Hound 2020-07-22

    Hmmm...I'm sorry I think this stat not completed

  • 스머프 월드
    Smurf's World 2020-07-22

    Kyungho so sweet

  • Motto Amaete! Tachibana-san 2020-07-22

    I think for stat keep Ongoing..why completed

  • 계절다방
    Seasons' Cafe 2020-07-21

    So fun

  • 체스와 라윈
    Chess And Rawin 2020-07-20

    So cooll

  • 디어 벤자민
    Dear Benjamin 2020-07-20

    Hmmm...i think there are father and son

  • His Tongue Piercing Makes My Nipples Erect
    Ore no Kanbotsu Chikubi ga Senpai no Shitapi de Tachimashita 2020-07-20

    I think.. They are date or not

  • 나 냄새나?
    Do I Smell? Webtoon 2020-07-20

    Real dreaming... Waiting for next Ch ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆

  • a man of virtue
    A MAN OF VIRTUE 2020-07-19

    Thank you Owl-san... Because man of virtue in here

  • Баня " ; Нам Су" ; 남수가 기다리는 목욕탕
    Following Namsoo to the Bathhouse 2020-07-18

    Wannna agaiiiinnnnn

  • 팀장님이 괭장해!
    My Purrfect Boss! 2020-07-17

    Neko mimi (⌒▽⌒)☆

  • Shame Application; Dirty Vibration
    Shame♡Application 2020-07-16

    New character

  • Lover Shuttle ;  Aein Syeoteul ;  애인셔틀 ;  Движение любви
    Love Shuttle 2020-07-16

    Can't waiting next time

  • Get married? Let's do that!,결혼? 해드립니다!
    Marry You? Yes, I Will! 2020-07-16


  • 우리 상류연애 할까요
    Dating my way up 2020-07-15

    Upvote A Like this

  • Yasashii Pants no Nugasekata ; 優しいパンツの脱がせ方
    Yasashii Pantsu no Nugasekata 2020-07-15

    Is this End Or Not yet.. I hope this Can Be continue

  • ANTI P.T. 2020-07-15

    I'm going to crazy (´♡‿♡`)

  • ORV,  全知读者,  전독시,  전지적 독자 시점
    Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint 2020-07-14


  • ベイビー★ラブシッター;
    Baby Love Sitter 2020-07-14

    Want more update please(─‿‿─)♡

  • 나 냄새나?
    Do I Smell? Webtoon 2020-07-12

    Yeeeeyyyyy..update. thank you

  • おにいさんと子作り★ホモだち100人できるかな?, Onii-san to Kozukuri
    Oniisan to Kozukuri★: Homodachi 100-nin Dekiru kana? 2020-07-07

    Are you serious.. What going on here?

  • Мои трусы взяты в заложники (russian) ; 俺のパンツが人質に取られています ; My Pants is Crisis
    Ore no Pants ga Hitojichi ni Torarete Imasu 2020-07-06


  • 스머프 월드
    Smurf's World 2020-07-03

    I like,please marwヽ(♡‿♡)ノ

  • 스머프 월드
    Smurf's World 2020-07-03

    I love This so muchヽ(♡‿♡)ノ

  • 수상한 손님과 알바생; Suspicious Guest and the Part-Timer
    Pleasure Principle 2020-07-02

    Ughhhhh...So annoying when I read is not Up Coming(sorry)

  • 나 냄새나?
    Do I Smell? Webtoon 2020-07-02

    Olease I hope this can Be Fast to Up next chaapter (´♡‿♡`)

  • My Brother's Sweetest Spot; 兄貴の一番おいしいところ;
    Aniki no Ichiban Oishii Tokoro 2020-07-02

    Can update?

  • Busamen Danshi -Ikemen Kareshi no Tsukurikata- 2020-07-02

    Update please

  • Boys Bad Romance!   Return Match; ボーイズ・バッド・ロマンス!; ボーイズ・バッド・ロマンス!リターンマッチ;
    Boys Bad Romance! 2020-07-02

    When this can be updtae again

  • 호화 맨션, 왕자님 포함
    A Prince in a Luxurious Mansion 2020-07-02

    Is so sad because so quickly the endo(〒﹏〒)o