• 빠나나 스캔들
    Banana Scandal 2021-03-03

    We ate good this last chapter

  • Taste of His Skin, 秋以为期
    When We Fall 2021-02-25

    Why does this story feel like it’s coming at you fast?

  • Taste of His Skin, 秋以为期
    When We Fall 2021-02-25

    Bryan Scott? Theodore Peterson? What in the hxll

  • Cosmic Boy
    My Starry Sky 2021-02-24

    Why did they make the uke so unattractive. It looks like he has constant hat hair.

  • Where the Dragon's Rain Falls; Там, где идёт драконий дождь; 용이 비를 내리는 나라
    Where the Dragon's Rain Falls 2021-02-23

    Omg Suu is the worst. I understand his circumstances but he is like a train crash taking out everyone around him with his bad decisions.

  • The third perspective 2021-02-19

    Wow! They really just gave up on the story at the end. What was the point of any of it?

  • 러브 오어 헤이트;
    Love or Hate(Yeongha) 2021-02-10

    This is really the best thing I’ve read so far. The story is so original and the characters are real and honest. (⌒▽⌒)☆

  • 디어 벤자민
    Dear Benjamin 2021-02-10

    Translator is right, we all got rickrolled.

  • The third perspective 2021-02-10

    What is going on? I’m so confused? The story is so disjointed. Also, was everyone just jumping into. Did the brother also join in? Does the doctor like him?

  • Dokkaebido Supuri Isseoya Moinda
    Fate Makes No Mistakes 2021-01-30

    So this story is a Noragami knockoff?

  • 도망, 망각
    Escape into Oblivion 2021-01-26

    This story was was all over the place. Even the color of hwon’s eyes changed which made it even more confusing. The MC background story didn’t make sense enough to justify his actions and the story with the stepbrother was half- formed. I wanted to like it because it has some good moments, but it was really just ok.

  • 디어 벤자민
    Dear Benjamin 2021-01-14

    Whoever is updating these chapters is a saint

  • 울프 인더 하우스
    Wolf in the House 2021-01-12

    Maybe one of the best yaoi I’ve read so far.

  • Love Bite 2021-01-04

    Me too! I couldn’t enjoy it because I was soo angry ????. Not sure if this was the reaction the writer wanted but they definitely succeeded in writing the worst character ever.

  • Love Bite 2021-01-04

    Shinwoo is the worst, omg! The whole time I couldn’t believe how he got away with everything. And he actually never apologized but played the victim the whole time. So infuriating. Taseoo and Sebin deserved better.