Recommended yuri manga? By Anonymous 0 reply 0 view (Created at 2020-07-03 20:07:18)
Can anyone please recommend any good yuri mangas? I've already read a few but so far they're more like one shots.
Does anyone have any recommendations for a fluffy romance manga if so thank you very much ! ///owo/// By Dankdemon17 18 reply 113 view (Created at 2020-06-09 00:06:12)
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plz any information about the new berserk chapter ? By TheUltiWeeb 0 reply 0 view (Created at 2020-07-03 19:07:54)
i heard there was a chapter that was updated i just don't know just help me know more about this manga cause i don't wanna die before it's finished Kentaro Miura is killing me
Fantasy/isekai with a weak protagonist and no harem By Some One 12 reply 55 view (Created at 2020-06-21 00:06:04)
Whenever I read a fantasy/isekai their is always a perverted main character with a harem and that really bothers me, I want to see a 30 year old man barely able to survive a single goblin on his own, Not a 15 year old with 1,000 big titty anime girls easily destroying dragons by the wind pressure of them walking, The point of fantasy Is that it is a dangerous world filled to the brim with danger and the point of Isekai is that you don't know how to survive in this unfamiliar world that you have to adapt to.
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Why there is gay manga everywhere? By Anonymous 18 reply 112 view (Created at 2020-06-21 11:06:29)
I wannna see a normal manga not this shit i don’t give shit about this gay day
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So, uh, Solo Leveling, am I right? By Some One 0 reply 1 view (Created at 2020-07-03 18:07:27)
A discussion about "Solo Leveling", Thoughts, Opinions and all things "Solo Leveling". Warning for spoilers though.
How do I read a book on Manga owl? By Autumn Moon 4 reply 18 view (Created at 2020-06-29 06:06:13)
Hi, I'm new on Manga owl and I really need help. Could anyone please tell me how to read a book on this site?
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WTF HAPPENDED TO THE HENTAI By ManganelogotBlocked 7 reply 118 view (Created at 2020-05-26 03:05:50)
very sad
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Mobile? By _NexGen_ 11 reply 3875 view (Created at 2019-09-28 03:09:01)
It would be cool if the devs could make a mobile app for mangaowl. that way you could enjoy manga wherever
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What would you do first in an Isekai By Some One 23 reply 29 view (Created at 2020-07-01 00:07:09)
Say you suddenly appeared in a fantasy world, you are far from civilisation and you don't have any cheat skills, all you have is <Status> for a skill to show you your level and stuff, you can get skills by doing stuff Example: Chop wood: get LumberJack Lv1, Drink weak poison without dying : Get Poison resist Lv1. Well lets talk about this how we would start off in an isekai!
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