Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Train 3 reply 7 view (Created at 2020-10-24 20:10:43) -
Hello fellow weebs!!! I know Kimetsu no Yaiba - Mugen Train came out, but I don't know where to watch it!!!!! Any help plz?
Last comment: thanks, I'll try them out ٩(◕‿◕。)۶... (at 2020-10-24 23:10:32)
banana fish!!! 37 reply 96 view (Created at 2020-10-16 05:10:49) -
so have any of you guys watched/read banana fish?!?! if so wanna talk about it??? and cry together!?!?! (this is a safe place like always! like all my other chats)
Last comment: oh! that's great news!!! glad you got...... (at 2020-10-24 23:10:27)
manga recomentetions 1 reply 13 view (Created at 2020-10-13 07:10:29) -
im searching for manga like Parasyte. I just want to read something with the same genre.
Last comment: Devilman... (at 2020-10-24 22:10:56)
need help 4 reply 28 view (Created at 2020-10-14 01:10:31) - Anonymous
can you guys recommend me fantasy romantic comics that includ something like reincarnation of time-traveling
Last comment: pandora hearts... (at 2020-10-24 22:10:15)
Good Yaoi 23 reply 171 view (Created at 2020-10-21 04:10:01) -
Anyone know any Yaoi's with a good story line too? I don't mind if it has sex scenes what not- just please, A.Good.Story.Line!
Last comment: Dark Heaven... (at 2020-10-24 22:10:15)
need FUNNY yaoi/bl/shounenai manga and manhwa recommendation 5 reply 11 view (Created at 2020-10-24 21:10:39) -
Can you recommend yaoi manga / manhwa which is entertaining, funny, fluffy and makes your day better and you can laugh out loud when you read it? such as hosik's story and devil's tempation.
Last comment: Dark Heaven... (at 2020-10-24 22:10:41)
reccomendation plsss T_T 5 reply 32 view (Created at 2020-08-26 13:08:00) - Anonymous
any reccomendation for action/fantasy genre???
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Helpppp 3 reply 1 view (Created at 2020-10-24 22:10:08) - Anonymous
I need your help! I love manga love story’s BUUUT I need a fresh start and I am searching for action mangas,! Do anyone know a very cool action story? Than let me please know >_<
Last comment: Noblesse is a webtoon btw... (at 2020-10-24 22:10:21)
recommendation? 4 reply 9 view (Created at 2020-10-23 05:10:22) -
uhh any anime’s that are slice of life but not sad ???? like tanakakun is always listless or gakuen baby sitters
Last comment: ReLife... (at 2020-10-24 22:10:10)
nightcore preferably male ver sad songs 9 reply 8 view (Created at 2020-10-24 03:10:51) - Anonymous
I want nightcore preferably male ver sad songs
Last comment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Hi-Zg...... (at 2020-10-24 22:10:59)