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  • Boku no hero Academia dj - Goodbye Sea Train


    Even more I could give to fucks about the “options” you gave me you can say what you want to say because you’re wrong at the end of the day. You’re blind and stupid and just want to have a say in something you know every little about. You dick ride so much for gay stories that’s if there’s actually something wrong with it you turn a blind eye, so you’re a fake ass activist. So child get a life.

     - By Jenni

  • Love is Money; 愛は金なり; 愛即金錢

    Ai wa Kane Nari


    im sorry but are you a newbie? bcs i think the plot is actually fine,I've read this plot method many times in bl,if still didn't like it u can quit. tbh i didn't like the racist one have the same hobby that i like.

     - By Junnmiple32

  • BJ 알렉스

    BJ alex


    Has anybody played POV by ariana grande in the bg of the ending Chapter its so sweet but it made me cry especially at the part where they were handing hands at the beach by the end of the song when its only instrumental

     - By Lialoulouxd

  • Back to School: All Grown Up


    I need Jihyun healing thank you sm I can’t see two of three main getting happy ending and the last one not pls

     - By Tylaa

  • 黒ギャルになったから親友とヤってみた。 ;  (Alternative 'Unofficial English' Translated Title) I Turned Into a Gyaru and Tried Out My Best Friend

    Fucked by My Best Friend


    I saw! So happy about it.

  • Sora's Eyes; 소라의 눈

    The Eyes of Sora


    Yes it is really emotional and dramatical, you should give a chance ????

     - By ThePinocchio

  • A Wallet Love Affair ; 

    Osaifu Jouji


    After reading this I almost never have lose change in my pockets…

     - By Bread.

  • 好像拿错了女主剧本

    Get the Heroine's Script


    When the MC jumped into the river he was like "Aight, Imma head out" ✋????

     - By Anonymous

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